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Here at Coffee Coffee in Salem New Hampshire, we believe we are are the most serious coffee roasters in all of New Hampshire, and New England, and even possibly the world! If there is such a thing as "coffee geeks" that would describe us perfectly.

It's hard to not take your coffee seriously when you've been in the coffee business since 1967 as we have. Having seen the way commercial coffee is produced, Lynn and I have decided to use all that we know, and all of our resources, to make available a most unique and most excellent coffee roasting service and coffee shop with the very best coffee anywhere in New Hampshire.

 Our coffee is good for you!

There is much to say about the difference between our selected beans versus what's available in the commercial coffee industry. But let me tell you five quick facts that differentiates our coffee from what you buy at the store or other "boutique" coffee shops:

Slow roasted.

We slow roast our coffee for nearly 30 minutes. Commercial coffees are flash roasted for only seven minutes. This makes the coffee burnt and acidic because the beans have not matured in the slow roasting process.

Truly organic. 

Large international coffee farms use a variety of pesticides that are not approved by the USDA. They can get away with this because they are not grown in the United States and subject to US agricultural laws. Coffee that has been treated with pesticides becomes very toxic when brewing.

Organic Coffee Roasters

Our coffee is 100% organic. We know all of our growers personally. All of our coffee is rated by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center as "Bird Friendly Clean Organic."

It's even good
 for birds!

Low Caffeine.

Our coffee is grown in the higher elevations, where annual rainfall can exceed 5 inches per year. It is naturally lower in caffeine. Most commercial coffees are a robusta blend and the average caffeine level is around 180 mg per cup. Commercial decaffeinated coffee has caffeine levels around 70 mg per cup. Our Arabica coffees have been tested by MIT and found to have caffeine levels of only 28 mg per cup. But don't worry, it will wake you up! Our beans are fully matured and sun-dried at the farms before shipping. This process brings out stimulants in caffeine that are otherwise not normally found in commercially grown coffees.

Low Cholesterol.

This may sound strange, but if you are drinking decaffeinated commercial coffee, you are getting a certain amount of cholesterol intake. There are two ways to decaffeinate coffee. One method is the Swiss water process, which takes about six hours. The other method is utilizing animal fat, which takes about 60 seconds. Which method do you think commercial coffee uses? Throw away the decaf! Our coffee is only around 28 mg per cup. And, it's so good, you won't want to put cream and sugar in your coffee ever again!

Truly Fair Trade coffee.

We have spent much of our life traveling abroad and visiting Third World countries. We know how hard coffee farmers work to produce even a small crop. We personally know all of our coffee bean growers. You may have heard of "Fair Trade Coffee" but in the commercial coffee world, the reality is it's not very fair to farmers. It promises to pay a higher price for their coffee, but because of corruption in local co-ops and layers of bureaucracy, the farmer often only ends up with $.20-$.30 more per pound for the coffee he works so hard to produce.

 Fair Trade Coffee in NH

We personally know the coffee farms we buy directly from, and choose to pay them a higher price for their coffee than commercial coffee brokers that buy in bulk. This gives us an advantage to getting first dibs on the rare varietals when they are fresh. A good incentive for the hard-working growers, and the best coffees for our customers.

Now we think that's truly fair!



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